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Who is the PreeVu Rebuild for?

We are really cranking through the rebuild process for Version 3.0. As we make our way through each screen and the corresponding code behind the scenes there are several “cross roads” that often have repercussions in the usability, design and time for coding. At the forefront of all these decisions is you!

Our photographer friends have given us much feedback over the last few years and we also have looked at where we think the industry is heading. We have designed two target clients and are using these as a measuring stick when it comes to all user interactions with the future version of PreeVu. These two target clients are what we believe to be the future of the industry.


In order to survive and ultimately thrive in business we all need to “take a reckoning” every so often. This includes measuring the numbers, looking at things we have done well and also admitting mistakes. Then we can adjust our course as needed and more effectively plan for the future. Our goal is grow PreeVu to one of the vital tools in your business to help you efficiently manage and implement a system to help your photography business thrive.

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