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Top Troubleshooting Solutions Video

We love receiving feedback and fielding questions about PreeVu. We have come to realize that there are certain topics that come up with some frequency. We want our PreeVu users to feel empowered with the tools to control their own mastery of the program, and we can’t always be there to help. So, we are creating a series of troubleshooting videos that cover those questions. The first in the series can be seen here.

This video covers the 4 most common questions we get from our PreeVu users. Be sure to check out the appropriate sections of the Coaching Library for more detailed tutorials about these subjects. In Troubleshooting #1 we cover Synchronizer getting stuck, Print Prices not showing up correctly, Erroneous Duplicate Orders and Proofing Gallery login issues. Feel free to contact us if we can provide further assistance.

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