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PreeVu offers 3 subscription terms. All active PreeVu subscriptions include all software updates & upgrades, Mac-PC Compatibility, 3-user license, the “Grandfather Rule” which protects you against rate increases, Live Coaching Support, Automatic Synchronization and more. Call us 1-888-676-4366 for a live demonstration, or to sign up just click one of the choices below.


**We setup each user’s basic studio information. It may take up to 24 hours before you receive the installation email package**

Subscription Terms & Conditions
PreeVu is a subscription based software. The software is the same version and the subscriptions only vary in their length of time commitment. Month to Month (monthly), Year to Year (annual) and once every Three Years (3 year).

All plans are paid on the first day of the period, and auto-renew each period to guarantee you receive your current rate upon renewal.  This “grandfather rule” protects you against rate increases that my occur while you are a consecutive subscriber.

In the case of a Free Start Monthly Plan that begins with 30 free days, the user is charged at the beginning of the second monthly term. The site only authorizes the card during checkout, it doesn’t actually charge the card. We will manually adjust the authorization.

All plans may be cancelled (or non-renewed), but the subscription fee will not be pro-rated or returned. If any plan is cancelled during the term period, the subscription will remain valid and accessible through the end of the current term period, with no refund issued. For your convenience, once the term period has expired, we will keep the user’s data available for ten (10) days.

If you return as a user within that time frame, all of your data will be available to you and you will not have to re-enter your clients, pricing, etc. After ten (10) days the data will be cleared and a new account will need to be created for you, and will be subject to then current subscription plan pricing.

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