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“It was really unexpected that you helped me in person and made me feel good about the decision to sign up with PreeVu. Many companies won’t spend the time to help their clients fully understand their systems so it really makes you stand out.  Thank you!” 

Charron Brock

“It is so wonderful to be able to use PreeVu and show a client how a portrait will look on their wall in THEIR home!  I have gotten clients to actually upgrade to a larger portrait by doing so – great selling tool!!”

Michelle Ashe Photography

“The more I use PreeVu, the more I love it!  The functionality of the program is intuitive, professional, and loaded with features necessary for my business.  Proofing sessions are seamless.  PreeVu’s personal service goes above and beyond my expectations.  There are real people behind PreeVu who are courteous, patient, and timely with responses.  I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone searching for an affordable, professional, presentation software for professional photographers.”

Laurie Warta Photography

“We designed this awesome wall in PreeVu so our client could comfortably commit to the purchase while knowing the design was right for them. Thank You PreeVu for another satisfied client!”

The Portrait Gallery


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