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Successful Portrait Pricing Concepts Webinar

July 20th @ 8:30pm Eastern – Serse Salmons hosting “Successful Portrait Pricing Concepts”

This is an exciting topic we get a ton of questions about. PRICING! How do I even start, let alone how do I setup my Client Invoicing Software. Serse will cover the basics of pricing for profit. While we cover pricing as it relates to PreeVu, this will not be a tutorial on how to put all your pricing into PreeVu. We do have tutorials already recorded for pricing entry. Also we are always available for a group or one on one training to get your started. Serse has been performing in person sales for over 10 years and she will ready to help you with overcoming objections and more.

Did you miss our last few events? Video replays can be seen here:

The webinars will be on a first come first serve basis. Each online get together will have a clickable link that will allow about 24 simultaneous users. So come early and get in on the fun. Think of these as informal, casual online get togethers over coffee or wine. This is where the PreeVu community of professional photographers can connect, exchange and learn interactively.

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