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Revamped Online Proofer – Coming Soon

Wow…Yesterday we reviewed the developmental version of the revamped online proofer! Hope we can get it done in time for Imaging USA…Come see us at booth #1062 for some fun show specials. If you need an expo tradeshow pass just click here. Okay back to the business…The proofer was pretty sweet before  with being able to prep for an in person sales presentation then just be able to click a button and have them available online for followup or pre-sales…especially at no extra charge for this awesome feature 🙂

Once the revamped online proofer is ready there will be some powerful new features available. Check out the highlights below:

  • Log in page will have your logo
  • Client can use comparison viewer/slideshow/detail views
  • Clients are able to rate favorites and it will synch back to local PreeVu
  • Clients can size/crop and add images/projects to submit a quote that synchs back to local PreeVu for photog review which can be then priced as needed and turned into a regular order to process through the order manager in local PreeVu
  • Clients can save multiple “carts” or “quotes” and add items as necessary
  • Wall Art, Frame Projects and Saved Home Views can also be proofed allowing for increased sales averages
  • Current plans for this release do not include an ecommerce site with automated processing

Best of all again this is all included with your current PreeVu pricing, no additional charges for additional features. PreeVu is again leading the way with increase value for our photographers. Thank you to all those photographers offering such positive feedback for the proofer and our tech support team!!!!

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