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Release Notes

Release Notes PreeVu V2.3.0021 (June 4, 2015)

The Organic Bloom:  Two frame categories have been added for Organic Bloom. The Doubles and Twins are now available in the Organic Bloom builder with this update.

*Installation Note: Users who haven’t applied V2.3.0019 need to uninstall first.

Release Notes PreeVu V2.3.0020 (April 25, 2015)

The Organic Bloom fixes:  Updated the “Charlie and Johnny to show correct image shape. Fixed bug in the builder when switching from vertical to horizontal layouts. Fixed bug with pricing and prints when using OB frames in the home view room builder.

Release Notes PreeVu V2.3.0019 (March 29, 2015)

The Organic Bloom:  PreeVu now has a new option for artistic framing. The Organic Bloom builder will let PreeVu users design amazing frame projects and wall concepts. PreeVu will also allow users to price, add to client order and submit orders directly through PreeVu to The Organic Bloom. The OB Builder in PreeVu currently features 17 frame styles (in single hole layouts) in all their amazing colors. All sizes with exception to a few of the largest frames are available also. Look for our “Organic Bloom Frame Builder” tutorial video coming soon. In order to use the new Organic Bloom builder your PreeVu must be synchronized after installing the update to get all the great new image files for the OB builder.

Wild Sorbet Frame Company:  This update also removes the WS frame builder. Wild Sorbet is no longer taking frame orders. Past projects can be opened for viewing but are not editable.

New Security Certificate:  PreeVu now uses a new security certificate provider that will hopefully keep Apple and Microsoft better informed that we do have a active secure certificate on record as required for both platforms. This is the reason for the whole uninstall/install process for machines with the previous version installed.

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