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PreeVu Releases 2014

PreeVu Release V2.3.0016 January 11, 2014

This release includes some exciting new features that are continuing the march toward total studio management along with improved tools for in-person sales.

Quick Contact Sheet – now simply highlight any group of images and hit the new PDF CONTACT SHEET button in the light tray. A quick pdf will be produced with thumbnails, image file names, studio information, client and collection information.

Credit Memo Reporting – The Credit Memo report will quickly show you all outstanding client credits on file. These could be used to track open gift certificates or other credits.

Export Cropped Full Res files – now simply highlight any group of images and hit the EXPORT CROPPED button in the light tray. Follow the dialog and save off the images in a separate folder depending on your needs.

Client Status Tags and Report – this new feature allows our photographers to setup custom tags or statuses in the studio settings. Then they can be applied on a per client basis and recalled on a report that shows all clients with that status. This could be used to manage leads and customer tracking through your studio or used for workflow management and reporting. Since the tags are customizable it is totally up to you.

Modified Journal sort order to date descending. Modified double-clicking a single image in the light tray to open the Compare Viewer per users request.

Bug Fix – saved Home View Rooms now show up properly in the Home View Room Builder

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