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PreeVu Releases 2013

PreeVu Release  V2.3.0014 November 7, 2013

Internal Credit Card Processing PreeVu can now accept credit card processing services from (they process over $80 billion per year). Simply setup your card present account, which takes about 15 minutes. Enter the key and api numbers in PreeVu studio settings. And begin receiving payments right from the client order screen. PreeVu also supports a Magtek swiper for cards. (this will get you best transaction rates)

Added Payment History Feature in Client Order Area Now you can view/print/edit payments received on client orders.

Added Cash In/Out Report in Report Manager Now you run this date based report to check on monies received and refunded over a specific date range, with a totals summary by payment type for the period on the last page.

Added Credit Memo Capabilities Users can accept prepayments, reservation fees, or deposits to be redeemed later by client. These automatically are recalled as a form of payment when client has an open order. This feature has many uses for your studios.

Fixed Issues

  • Renaming projects now carries new label over to home view builder
  • Retouched images now export correctly from client orders
  • Fixed missing page numbers on client orders
  • Fixed style of new buttons in light tray project tab


PreeVu Release V.2.3.0011 September 19, 2013

New Features

Archive Client and/or Collection – to free up space in local PreeVu images folder. In the Client Manager you can now select a Client or Collection and archive it off to another drive. This will free up space on your local PreeVu images folder. Archived Clients and Collections can be restored as needed. See tutorial here.

Delete Client Images from Light Tray – to free up space in local PreeVu images folder. From the Light Tray you can now delete images and they will be deleted from your local PreeVu images folder. Easy way to clean up those images that the client “threw away” or did not choose.Once an image is deleted it is no longer available in PreeVu for retouch or export. See tutorial here.

Save a Project as a Favorite – Frames, Wall Art & Wall Groupings. This was a great suggestion from several users. Now you can save your favorite projects and they are available for use with all of your clients. See tutorial here.

Ability to make Clients and Collections Inactive – so they no longer appear in “choose client” list. See tutorial here.

Issues Addressed

Fixed Balance Due Amount on the Client Order PDF when printing/saving/emailing.


Releases V.2.3.0009 & V2.3.0010 August 2, 2013

New Features

Sales Tax Report – This report shows amount of sales tax collected for client orders with received payments over a selectable date range for taxable sales. Click the “Report Button” on the dashboard, it the button labeled “R” – See All New Features Video Here.

Client Order List – There is a new tab on the client editor screen that includes a grid with all current and past orders for that client. The order links are clickable to take you directly to the client order for checking order status, past order history or for re-orders for your client. From the dashboard click clients and choose your client and the new tab is on the left side.

Client Booking List – There is another new tab on the client editor screen that includes a grid with all current and past appointments for that client. There is also a link to take you directly to the booking calendar to add more appointments if necessary. From the dashboard click clients and choose your client and the new tab is on the left side.

Simplified the Framing Option in the Traditional Framing builder for Glazing (glass). PreeVu is now smart enough to figure when glass is included at no charge or chargable. Simply choose your desired glass type from the drop down list. Vendors affected – Gross National Product (GNP) and Hand Crafted Framing.

Gross National Product (GNP) is now part of PreeVu as an integrated vendor. They are a traditional framing company based in California Their products are listed under the traditional frame builder. Be sure to synchronize your PreeVu and make their components visible if you would like to offer their exciting line of products. As an integrated vendor you can design, sell and order products directly through PreeVu. See Tutortial Video here.

Turned on beta feature for accounts collecting sales information for Sales Management Reporting.

Issues Addressed

Fixed error that was occuring for some users when adding a product only to client order

Adjusted pdf layout of client order to prevent some of text from cropping off top edge

Fixed error that was occuring while working on client order in edit mode user clicks pdf-print button. Set save action upon clicking print-pdf even in edit mode.

Release V2.3.0008 May 29, 2013

New Features

Revamped Online Proofer with Web Quotes System – This system allows clients to rerate items to the favorites and submit prints and frame projects right into your local PreeVu for you to review and turn into an order quote. The new system also has 10 standard watermarks to choose from, allows you to set proofing expiration periods and you can even turn off the quoting system and/or rating system if necessary. The new system includes a studio specific proofing link with logo and client user name and log in area. Click Here to See Tutorial

Internal Notifications Dialog – Now we can all stay on the same page. The new dialog on the dashboard will be sure to keep you up to date on all that is happening with regards to PreeVu. Expect additional tech support options, communications from integrated vendors, and an improved community experience.

Added Remaining Balance to Client Invoices – per user request the remaining balance due on the client invoices is now shown at the bottom of the screen and print version. The adjustment field is now viewable when client invoice is in edit mode. We also moved the Products Section to last position on client Invoices to better reflect when they are used in conjunction with discounts or packages.

Issues Addressed

Offline Synch error suppression (this prevents the trace message that was occurring for some users that lost internet connectivity after opening PreeVu)

Rounding Issue When Receiving Payments (this fixes the penny up or down issue some users were experiencing when receiving payments against client invoice balances)

Sales Tax Calculation (this fixes an issue that was occurring when some sales tax rates were being rounding incorrectly up to the next penny or two)

Release V2.3.0007 March 10, 2013

New Features

Rebuilt the Integrated Online Proofer with new interface, admin tools, quote system and more

Added Full Res image exporter to PreeVu Light Tray

Updated WS Frame Options (removed discontinued items, added limited number of round-a-bouts)

Add Line Item Sales Tax Management

Issues Addressed

Session average report corrected sales tax & cancelled orders being included

Fixed booking calendar assets not saving starting time correctly

Fixed relationships editor for clearing data from previous entry & date picker

Added Mac external image processor file for Mountain Lion

Addressed an issue with collections missing from choose client tab in light tray

Project print notes now go to print vendor properly

Added image column in vendor order manager for confirmation when submitting print order

Fixed print orders duplicating options on vendor invoices

Fixed losing print options when editing wall art

Fixed print file exporting to not create subfolders on half print sizes

Changed label color of image name for comparison viewing in multi-view mode

Added save only button in Client Order Viewer for saving changes without leaving screen

Corrected rounding issue when receiving partial payments for client orders

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