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PreeVu Releases 2012

PreeVu Release V.2.3.0006 November 6, 2012

This release of PreeVu contains some amazing new features and several bug fixes.

New Features

Added Ability to Save and Recall Home View Design Templates See Tutorial Here

Added Client Info Export Tool to Allow Exporting of Client Info for Marketing See Tutorial Here

Email Client Invoices Directly from PreeVu See Tutorial Here

Export Text File List of Image Names from Light Tray by Rating See Tutorial Here

Export Text File List of Image Names from Client Invoice See Tutorial Here

Added Ability to Zoom All in Comparison Viewer ? A + click See Tutorial Here

Additional Fields in Client Editor – Anniversary, Birthday, Notes See Tutorial Here

Added Relationships Functionality to Client Editor See Tutorial Above

Added Ability to Turn Off Automatic Synchronization by Work Station Highlight Video Here

Additional Touch-Up Paths for Mac (CS6, LR 3 & 4) – (be sure to update adobe air) Highlight Video Here

Added Remaining Balance Sortable Column to Client Order Manager View Highlight Video Here

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts (updated list needs to be posted) Highlight Video Here

Added Small Keyline to Light Tray Thumbnail Images for Better Definition Highlight Video Here

Modified Light Tray Behavior per User Request for Double Clicking a Single Image Highlight Video Here + New Tutorial

Added Ability to Edit Wall Art from the Home View Rooms & Light Tray Projects Tab. Just double click the item and you can edit.


Issues Addressed
Fixed Trace Message Popup from Synchronizer when Working Offline
Editing a Project from Client Invoice now Updates Build Info Correctly
Quick Add Clients in Booking Calendar now Show Up in Dropdown List instantly
Print Builder now Defaults to Proper Filtered View when Accessing from Light Tray
Calendar Appointment Printout Cleaned Up
Cancelled Client Invoices now Automatically Removes Active Status
Unused lines on Client Invoices are now hidden
Fixed Duplicating of Print Options on Client Invoices
Fixed Booking Calendar Synchronizing between Workstations Highlight Video + Add to Calendar Tutorial
Fixed Filmstrip Viewer in Slideshow Player
Custom Project Layouts are Now Hidden in Kotori and Wild Sorbet Builders
Fixed WS Builder Scroll Bars Covering Layout Sizes
Fixed Client Invoice Trace Message when Editing in the Totals Column
Added Ability to Remove Appointments from Booking Calendar
Added Ability to Show-Hide Assets from Booking Calendar Editor
Fixed Error when change rating of Projects/Home Views in the Slideshow
Booking Calendar by Default Now Opens the ?Today? View
Added ?Reset Adjustment? Button to Client Invoices
Fixed Ability to Cancel Multiple Client Invoices in Client Order Manager



PreeVu Release V.2.3.0005 June 10, 2012

New Look
We enlisted the help of a great group of designers – our customers – to help refine PreeVu for a smoother user experience and overall feel. You will notice a whole new cleaner color scheme to help keep the clients focused on your wonderful work and designs. Adjustments to fonts and navigation have also been updated to increase efficiency and effectiveness. While we have done much to enhance this part of PreeVu we are interested in your feedback to make it even more effective for you.

Session Tracking
Now you can “tag” your activities such as booking an appointment and invoicing your clients with a session code id. Make your own custom session types such as family, senior, or wedding then add a session code id to “tag” them for later reporting. Why is this such a big deal? The information that will be available to you will help you make better business decisions on pricing, profitability and effective marketing. This new feature goes hand and hand with our new budgeting center. And of course all this information is readily available on all synchronized computers. See Tutorital Here.

Budgeting Center
The all new budgeting area of PreeVu is very powerful. You can setup several scenarios to see what the best possibilities will result in. You can setup a session average by type then pop in an estimated average sale, click calculate and check your results. If you need more revenue you will either need to do more sessions or have a higher average. Export to budgets to pdf, email, or csv for further data crunching in your favorite spreadsheet program. Plan your work, then work your plan. Speaking of working your plan, now you need to measure your results.

Accounts & Sales Tracking
The all new account manager is in the early stages and will require feedback, testing and a few more updates before we recommend total financial reporting in PreeVu. Business Management reporting and tracking is intact and will shortly be expanded. Now you will be able to work from one software for all your business needs. This area of PreeVu has a lot under the hood for business management of your studio. There are several reports already setup and more coming soon that will make very good use of this data: like profit-loss or income statements, Cost of Sales, product performance and more.

Report Manager
Sales ave per session reporting, Employee commissions, Orders in Progress and Products lists are already live. The all new report manager allows for adjustable dates (where applicable), printing of reports, exporting to pdf or csv files. Now you can also email reports directly from PreeVu. Many more reports are coming shortly if you have a suggestion for a built in report that would benefit your studio or other please let us know about it asap. See Tutorial Here.

Wild Sorbet
Look for the New Beach House Collection from Wild Sorbet under the Classic Builder in the Wild Sorbet Builder. We are going to introduce a limited selection of Round-About and Signature Frame options in the coming weeks.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes
The following list of fixes was either for the current public build or for the interim beta-release:
•Wall Art – Gallery Wrap home view sizing ratio issue resolved and corrected
•Removed unnecessary buttons in collections editor area
•Updated Markup Screen in studio settings to which areas are enabled or active
•Updated View in Clients columnar view screen to resolve sorting and defaulted view to client by last name
•Updated Order Manager columnar view to resolve sorting by date
•Added a “payments received” button to client invoice – now this is for tracking purposes (in the coming months will allow credit card processing right through PreeVu)
•Booking calendar updated to not “gray out” past dates as requested so historical entries could be made as necessary
•Booking calendar updated the print out the daily, weekly or monthly reports to show dates along with appointments (yes we will be adding a mobile syched version in the coming months)
•Added employee center to be able to track commissions by percentage for employees
•Updated “choose client” button in light tray for better performance

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