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PreeVu Releases 2011

PreeVu V2.3.0004 – Release Notes November 28, 2011

Here we will list the updates with links to additional information or training materials for new or improved features. Thank you to all those giving us great feedback for this release.

Retail Financial Status Dropdown

We were originally holding this option for the full release of the POS side of PreeVu so it would tie into financial transactions. Your feedback directed us to move on it now versus waiting to help with manual management of financial status of retail orders. Simply click the edit button on a retail invoice then the financial status dropdown becomes active.

Mac Global & Instance Image Retouching

Updated drop down menu to direct PreeVu to open correct image editing application. Global and instance retouching work correctly and update the thumbnail and working files with image edits. In order to access the dropdown list for image editing go to studio settings then click on display. Next choose your image editing application from the dropdown list. If your application is not listed please contact us for it to be added.

PC Global & Instance Image Retouching

Updated in this release to work correctly. In the PC Verison you can choose your image editing application from the display screen under studio settings versus choosing from a drop down.

Image Exporting from Client Invoices

Updated file naming when exporting images from client invoices for ordering from the labs. The exported image now includes the original file name as the first part of the exported name.

Product Updates from Kotori Jewelry, Hand Crafted Framing & Wild Sorbet

Kotori Photo Jewelry has added a value price jewelry line (Fashion Line) and just turned on several classic pieces from their Sterling Silver collection. In order to ensure these items are showing up in your PreeVu be sure they are made visible. Click here for a video. Hand Crafted Framing has just updated their mats to all conservation grade (archival quality). There are about 25 new mats. For them to show up in your PreeVu they must be synched over and then made visible. In order to make them visible go to studio settings, then mats, and make sure all the HCF mats have the visible check mark next to the items. Wild Sorbet has three new trims and several new colors, these will synchronize and show up automatically.


PreeVu V2.3.0003 – Release Notes September 30, 2011

Release V2.3.0003 contains many updates. Here we will list the updates with links to additional information or training materials for new or improved features.

Booking Calendar

This new feature is being released in beta to allow for early adapters to kick the tires and offer feedback while it is still early enough to easily make necessary development changes. We have created training video1, video2 and a section on the forum for the Booking Calendar. The Booking Calendar is different from something like a google calendar because a studio has limited resources that need to be managed such as availability of a shooting room, or personnel that can greet clients, do consultations and sales but cannot do a shooting session.

Copy Layouts

This is a great new button available in the studio settings that allows for quick duplicating of layouts either from integrated vendors or your own layouts. Say you like a panel layout but need to change one of the openings instead of recreating that layout from scratch simply open the studio settings, go to panels, highlight that layout and hit the copy button. Now just change the hole you need, add label and save. Your new layout is now built and get this — it is also priced at retail for you automatically.

Addition of New Wall Art Functionality

With all the new options from labs such as hanging metallic prints, stand out mounts and more PreeVu has kept pace with adding the ability to not only design these projects but also pricing of these fun variations. See video here. This is in addition to our thousands of priced integrated frame project options and gallery wrap designs. The training video for the awesome new feature is coming soon.

Kotori Project Builder

Updated Kotori project builder is cleaner and more pertinent to creating these amazing photo jewelry pieces. Several pieces of the new fashion line are now available for design, selling and direct ordering through PreeVu to Kotori. The order also uploads the image file to Kotori directly too. More pieces will be added shortly through synchronizing so be sure to check to make sure they are visible in your studio settings. We have created a training video specifically for the Kotori Builder and Products.

Fixes and Enhancements

Retouch Image Export for Mac updated to work correctly with image editors and exporting images from invoices (there is still a known issue with updating the thumbnail & working file with global retouching – should be addressed in a few weeks with an update)

Print Builder now shows list of specific vendors

My Lab order processing improved for faster performance and management

Client & Collection pop-up chooser from light tray now lists clients in alphabetical order

Wild Sorbet trimlings pricing update to reflect single unit wholesale-retail pricing

Improved synchronizer performance between computers


PreeVu V2.3.0002 – Release Notes May 17, 2011

This exciting release contains the following:

Digital Composite Builder with opacity filter for back image layer see videos here

Page Builder (digital and insert)

Studio Component Editor (add your own framing components) see videos here

Actual Size added to Print Builder for Multi-View Screen

Several reported issues have been fixed


PreeVu Release V2.3.0000 April 30, 2011

New Features in this release:

Place and Manage Vendor Orders directly to the frame vendors. See video here.

Manage “My Lab” Orders. See video here.

The Levin Company frames are now available. See video here.

Wild Sorbet Farrah Braniff Collection now available. See video here.

Wild Sorbet markup now adjustable. See video here.

New Online Proofing Gallery now available. See video here.

Several known issues were also addressed.

The data synchronizer will now run automatically in the background so long as you keep PreeVu open. See video here. The synchronizer can still be run manually if necessary. Remember PreeVu must be kept open for the synchronizer to continue transferring data. If you have an imminent sales appointment with a client, then wait to install the update until you have time to familiarize yourself with all the new features.

If you experience any issues, bugs or need additional tech support please use the contact us form so we can document and assist you as soon as possible. Look on our Calendar to see when additional online training sessions are scheduled. Each session can hold several attendees so be sure to let us know the trainings you would like to attend.


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