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New PreeVu Release V2.3.0011 September 19, 2013

PreeVu Release V.2.3.0011 September 19, 2013

New Favorites Tab in Light Tray for Holding Your Favorite Project Designs

Archive Client and/or Collection – to free up space in local PreeVu images folder. In the Client Manager you can now select a Client or Collection and archive it off to another drive. This will free up space on your local PreeVu images folder. Archived Clients and Collections can be restored as needed. See tutorial here.

Delete Client Images from Light Tray – to free up space in local PreeVu images folder. From the Light Tray you can now delete images and they will be deleted from your local PreeVu images folder. Easy way to clean up those images that the client “threw away” or did not choose.Once an image is deleted it is no longer available in PreeVu for retouch or export. See tutorial here.

Save a Project as a Favorite – Frames, Wall Art & Wall Groupings. This was a great suggestion from several users. Now you can save your favorite projects and they are available for use with all of your clients. See tutorial here.

Ability to make Clients and Collections Inactive – so they no longer appear in “choose client” list. See tutorial here.

Issues Addressed

Fixed Balance Due Amount on the Client Order PDF when printing/saving/emailing.

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