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PreeVu Release V2.3.0008 is Now Live

Screenshot of Revamped PreeVu Integrated Online Client Proofer with Ordering System

This exciting release has alot to offer. The biggest new feature is the totally revamped Online Proofer. This retooled feature would cost about as much as PreeVu from most vendors. It is included at no extra charge and now allows:

  • choose from 10+ watermarks
  • collections automatically expire based on your studio settings (days,weeks, months)
  • photographer can choose to allow clients to “rerate” items to the their favorites
  • photographer can choose to allow clients to submit items for quote (and it goes right into your local PreeVu automatically for processing!) no more double entry
  • each studio gets it’s own specific landing page with your logo and client login credentials
  • clean new look with easy to use functionality and if they get stuck there are integrated screen by screen help buttons
  • see the video for a full tutorial of this simple to use tool

Other items in the release include:

  • Internal Notifications tab to improve communications
  • Integrated Help (Beta in Dashboard with linked PDF Help Document for those who prefer reading over videos)
  • Bug Fixes: Rounding Corrected in Sales Tax Calculations & Receiving of Payments

    Screenshot of Dashboard with Internal Notifications

    Screenshot of Internal PDF Help Document in the New Release – Access from the Dashboard of PreeVu


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