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PreeVu Known Issues Summary

Last Updated 2/20/2014

Here is a summary of the current known issues:

  • Refunded payments/client orders are still showing up in the sales average on the Session Sales Average Report (status – fixed in next public release)
  • Offsetting journal entries don’t show correctly in the cash based Profit & Loss Reports (status – fixed in next public release)
  • Dragging error on first image of light tray when pulled to far in upper left of screen (status – rare occurrence – will address in core rebuild)

Here is a summary of issues we are addressing with a core rebuild:

  • Enhanced slideshow functionality
  • Database sharing over local network – improved synchronization between workstations
  • Ecommerce features and enhanced speed for online proofer (non-flash based)
  • Connected apps for client management and mobile wall design
  • Enhanced (Customer Relationship Management) CRM for improved client management
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