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Here are some webinars and short fun videos using real-world applications of various features in PreeVu. Serse and Lori show us how they use PreeVu in their businesses. For more details on these features, please see the full tutorial in the library.

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5 Minute Video - Add a Client and Images

Here Serse shows us how to create a client and add images.

5 Minute Video - Prep for the Sale

Here Serse shows us how to prep for the sale.

5 Minute Video - Rate Images

Here Serse shows us how to compare and rate images.

5 Minute Video - Building Frames

Here Serse shows us how to build frame projects.

5 Minute Video - Wall Concepts

Here Serse shows us how to design wall concepts.

5 Minute video - Export for Marketing

Here Serse shows us how to export projects for marketing applications.

Webinar - Newbie Webinar

Here Serse shows us some basics and an overview of the program.

Webinar - Common Questions

Here Serse discusses 10 commonly asked questions.

Webinar - Pricing for Profit

Here Serse discusses pricing structures in our industry.

Webinar - Designing Wall Art

Here Serse talks about composition, cropping, etc. while designing wall art.

Webinar - Designing Wall Concepts

Here Serse and Lori talk about designing concepts.

Webinar - Wall Templates

Here Serse shows us how to work with wall templates.

Webinar - Lori and Serse Q&A

We filmed Lori and Serse discussing the importance of the client consultation.

Webinar - The Consultation

We filmed Lori in a consultation with her client.

Webinar - Sales Appointment

We filmed Lori Nordstrom in a sales appointment.


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