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Viewing and rating your client’s images is an important step in selling prints, designing wall concepts and boosting your sales.


Selling Prints and Wall Art

How to sell prints and wall art pieces - gallery wraps, stand out mounts, etc.

Running a Slide Show

How to run a Slideshow in PreeVu. You can include Frame Projects and Home Views too!

Comparing/Rating Images

How to use the Comparison Viewer and the Slide Show function to rate your client's images.

Sheet Builder

How to create sheets of prints.

Editing/Cropping in Light Tray

How to edit and crop images in the Light Tray.

Contact Sheets and Exporting

How to create a contact sheet of images for our client; how to export the full res image files from the Light Tray.

Online Proofing Gallery

The Proofing Gallery. Your client can submit an order for quote.

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