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Being properly setup in PreeVu will allow you to utilize the program to it’s fullest capability. Take your time and address these settings as you work your way through your first week in PreeVu.


Sample Sales Appointment

This video will walk through a typical sales appointment using PreeVu. Your approach may differ, but the concept is the same.

The Data Synchronizer

Managing the Data Synchronizer to keep your computers "in sync" and up to date with new products.

Studio Settings Overview

Overview of the screens in the Studio Settings area of PreeVu. There are multiple tutorials which look at each section in more detail.

Make Products Visible

Turn products on and off. You have the ability to decide which products you make available for use.

Session Types and ID's

How to create Session Types and how to tag your sessions for accurate reporting.

Projection/HD TV Set Up

See how to set up the MultiView Window for a Projector or HD TV in PreeVu.



Troubleshooting #1

This video will cover 4 common troubleshooting topics:
1. Synchronizer seems stuck - 0:00
2. Print Prices not showing - 4:38
3. Duplicate orders - 7:56
4. Proofing Gallery login error - 11:46


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