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If you’re just getting started with PreeVu, this series of tutorials is just what you need.  They will assist you in creating and managing your clients.


Create a Client/Import Images

How to Create a Client and Import Images into their Collection.

The Client Manager Screen

How to manage and edit clients using features in the Client Editor.

Client Types

Using the Client Types feature to help organize your clients.

Session Types and ID's

How to create Session Types and how to tag our sessions for accurate reporting.

Exporting Client Data

How to add Client notes and relationships as well as how to export the Client data.

Making Collections Inactive

How to make a Client or Collection "inactive". This helps keep your Choose Client list more manageable in the Light Tray.

Deleting and Archiving Images

How to delete images and/or archive entire clients or collections. This will help you free up disk space on your computer.

Music Playlist for Slide Show

How to create a music playlist for the client slide show in PreeVu.
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