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New PreeVu Release V2.3.0009 August 2, 2013

This exciting release is already the third this year. Your PreeVu Development Team is so excited to be moving into TSM (Total Studio Management). This project will include several new features intended to expand the photographer’s business management savvy. We believe this is the best way to make the most of your time and keep you behind the camera while PreeVu takes care of the details (but very necessary) of running a successful studio.

Here are a few highlights of the August 2, 2013 PreeVu Release:

Product Only Client Orders have been fixed to work correctly!

This sweet time-saving addition will be sure to help with customer order history. This new grid in the client editor allows you to look up all orders associated with that client and then each order shows as a clickable link to take you directly to the order in question to check status, update items, receive payments or more.

This is a pretty simple looking report but it really is the start of a true POS system for the photography industry with linked in modules for in-person sales and design and online selling through client quotes. The sales tax report displays sales tax collected over a selectable time range for client orders with received payments.

Another new time saver for looking up client information. Now in the client editor there is a new tab on the left for bookings. It shows a grid with all bookings past and future for that client and of course they are clickable for checking notes or changing times if necessary.

Watch a video of the new features here.

Updated training Videos are currently being produced and there are several new more new items…read more about the release here!

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