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New Home Rooms for PreeVu

Check out the sampling of new PreeVu Home View Rooms. Modern stacked stone fireplace, unique stairway wall views and shabby bathroom are just part of the new rooms we will be adding this week to PreeVu. There are over 40 Home View Rooms included in PreeVu, solid color walls and even custom color walls can be choosen. Of course the best thing is to get your client’s home views.

The new Home View Rooms will synch out automatically to all PreeVu users so be sure to either leave PreeVu open for a while so it can synch on it’s own or if you are too excited to wait just manually synchronize. These rooms will show up along with others already active in the Home View Builder under the “Global” tab at the top left. Thank you to Steve Bracci for these awesome shots.

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