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If you’ve got great camera skills and want to take the plunge and make your passion a career, you’ll need to build a solid business foundation from which your passion and creativity can take flight. If you’re like most artists, the business side of things seems a bit dry—and it may be something you dread. Fortunately, Lori Nordstrom takes the sting out of your studies and gives you all of the skills you need to plan your business, attract the attention of the clientele you want to serve, recruit a staff that supports your creative and financial objectives, create a top-notch customer-service experience, and show and sell your unique images to happy clients, time after time.  Read more here…


PreeVu Release V2.3.0021 was made available for download June 5, 2015

The main component of this release was adding the ability to design, price and sell Organic Bloom doubles and twins. This release shows off some of the real power of PreeVu. The simple interface of the Organic Bloom frame builder allows our photographers to design amazing portrait wall art in just a few clicks. The builder also sets the retail price for the designs quietly in the background so you can focus on the fun during your in person sales appointment.

The Organic Bloom Builder in PreeVu

The Organic Bloom Builder in PreeVu

We’ve created more design options for you with PreeVu and the Organic Bloom frame builder.  Try your hand at creating wall concepts for your clients with Organic Bloom and its artistically unique color and design choices!

The design on the left is a single frame in the “Cary Grant” style in the Root Beer color. The design on the right highlights a double frame in the center with the “Lucy” design in Metallic Taupe color bordered by Parchment with 2 single styles in the “Lucy” flanked on each side in the Parchment color.

Depending on your client’s needs, wants and style preference, The Organic Bloom and PreeVu makes it fun to create designs to suit their needs.

Here’s another short video to assist you in designing wall art with Organic Bloom!

 See below for a more detailed tutorial explaining how to utilize the Organic Bloom frame builder in PreeVu…


The next generation of PreeVu is well under-way. The development team is already done with the core new database construction. This means the framework for the rebuild is tested and in place. The new generation will be simple to use and still be powerful enough to take full advantage of today’s multi-core processor computers on Mac and PC.

The new interface is still in the brainstorming stage. The initial plans are not to change things much from the current look of the program while still “freshening up the place” a little. There are several new features that will require new screens-interfaces to be laid out and implemented.

If you are a current subscriber and would like to volunteer to be part of the process for looking at screens, be involved in brainstorming features and be part of a focus group that wants to change the way running an efficient, profitable photography studio means then use the contact us link above to let us know.

Look for a progress update around the end of April. The current projected time of the full public release is October-November 2015.

Help us Help You!

We are here to help you improve your photography business by helping design creative and modern portrait wall concepts for your clients. The PreeVu community needs your assistance in freshening-up the global Home View Room images. Consider being part of the fun…


Upload your new and fresh Home View Room Images and each image submitted will be entered into a drawing to win prizes at random drawing. (maximum number of entries – 10)  The fun prizes include gift cards to:


Some things to keep in mind when shooting a room are straight-on shooting angle, well-lit and measurement of something in the image to set scale. If it is too hard to remove existing artwork from the wall then it may be removed in Photoshop afterward.

Specific requests include:

  • Nurseries – above beds and changing tables
  • Family rooms – above sofas, sofa tables and fireplaces
  • Offices – above desks, above and between book cases
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Girls/Boys bedrooms
  • Varying design styles – modern, traditional and cottage

Click here to submit your images!

Engage your clients to participate by offering to photograph their homes. We have found this to be a great way for you to personally connect your clients with your portrait wall design capabilities and can lead to a few highly-qualified photography sessions for you!

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