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We have added new home view rooms to the software.  Run your data synchronizer to get these new rooms. They are series number 0700 through 0710. These exciting new rooms include contemporary, industrial and rustic styles that give users new design options for in person sales.

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Photographers are often asked to become interior designers with their images. Many times our photographers are working with business owners that have commercial spaces that offer decorating opportunities other than family portraiture. PreeVu can help with the commercial design process by setting scale and using actual photos of the commercial space.


This design includes two 30 x 50 canvas gallery wraps in an optometrist office. This salty sweet design shows how contrasting a cityscape and nature scene can work together, both have beauty but in different ways


This image shows a completed design of the interior of a restaurant. The initial design was laid out in PreeVu for the owner to set image spacing, scale and frame moulding choice. Using the virtual design of the space made the sales process much smoother because the client could get the vision of the finished look.



Don’t forget about using your photography in the corporate environment. Doctors offices, dentist offices, executive headquarters, and hotels are all candidates for these wall designs. Here our designers have used a PreeVu stock room and The Levin Company frames to create this wall concept. This design covers about 70 inches across and 25 inches high.

Panel number 104 | Frame Size 15x15 Print Size 10x10 | Moulding LM1023 | Mat Bar Harbor Gray

Panel Number 104 | Frame Size 15×15 Print Size 10×10 | Moulding LM1023 | Mat Bar Harbor Gray


20×24 Open Frame | Moulding LM2117

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This new group of PreeVu home view rooms is aimed at satisfying our user’s top requested rooms. These fresh crib walls open up a whole new design aspect for photographers. Just imagine all fun layouts you will be able to create for your clients during in-person sales appointments and creating marketing pieces for print or social media posting. There are six new home view rooms in this release. PreeVu users simply need to open the program, synchronize, close-reopen and the new views will show up in the home view room builder.


Here is one of the new crib home view rooms with Organic Bloom frames 20×28 and 2-12×16’s Andie in color parchment


Here is a gallery wrap canvas cluster made with one of the new rooms 2-24×24 and 3-16×16 prints were used.

Here are the remaining 4 crib walls

Here are the remaining 4 crib walls

PreeVu Contemporary Collection of Home View Rooms

Your clients are sure to love the all new contemporary collection of PreeVu home view rooms. There are children’s rooms, dining rooms, super modern living rooms and furniture. Think of all the fresh new content you can make for your website, social media, and pricing menus. Some studios even do a design of the week: this is where they use client images and do wall designs then export them from PreeVu. This helps show the world that your studio delivers finished portrait wall art and attracts more qualified clients.

Room 602 with a 24x36 image framed with 4 inch wide moulding

Room 602 with a 24×36 image framed with 4 inch wide moulding

These rooms along with the other 50 or so that are already in PreeVu help your clients see the vision of how your images could look like on their walls. Of course the best home view room images are the ones you collect from your client but just in case you don’t have them the included rooms in PreeVu are the next best option. The home view wall builder in PreeVu is just one tool that you can use for in person sales with PreeVu. You also can easily compare images, rate and remove images, price products and create invoices all in just a few clicks.

Room 610 with an eclectic black frame mashup design

Room 610 with an eclectic black frame mashup design

This group of modern, clean rooms are already uploaded to the PreeVu server. All users will receive these for free! Simply synchronize your PreeVu, close and reopen, and start designing on these fun new walls. See the video below if you need a refresher on getting the most from the home view wall designer in PreeVu.

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