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June 11th and 25th Wall Art Design Webinar

There are still a few spots open for the June 11th Wall Art Design Webinar. This a super popular subject for PreeVu users since they are the best framed wall art sellers in the world 🙂 At least we think so. Serse is going to cover:

  • How big should this wall portrait be? And Why? You want to big sale but first you must have the knowledge to educate your staff and clients
  • Proper portrait composition and cropping
  • Traditional Framing Styling – Open frames, digital layouts & matted Panels
  • Gallery Wrap Styling – Proper cropping for wrap around loss
  • Artistic Framing – Fun made simple with PreeVu color selector
  • Studio Samples – Design for what you want to sell

This is basically part of 1 of a 2 part series. In the next webinar on June 25th Serse will review how to go from designing a single piece of portrait wall art to designing groupings of wall art into Wall Concepts or Designer Galleries.  Depending on Q&A time we may need to add one more webinar on this topic. Your questions & participation is very much appreciated.

See past webinar videos here.

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