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Hand Crafted Framing

Hand Crafted Framing has been serving photographers since 2002. We are proud to be an integrated vendor inside of PreeVu. We offer traditional mouldings, mats, fillets, stacker panels and table top frames for professional photographers. We offer a 5% discount on orders submitted through PreeVu. PreeVu users are very successful at selling multiple frames in wall concepts or wall galleries designed for their clients.

HCF wholesale pricing is also included in PreeVu with a pre-determined starting markup (that can be changed if necessary) so the day you open PreeVu you have tens of thousands of products from HCF already set at a suggested retail pricing. Even custom layouts and designs are already priced with HCF custom formulas. There are over 150 mouldings, 150+ layouts, 78 mats available in PreeVu from HCF. All orders ship for a flat $12 charge.

We are available at any time for design questions, PreeVu-HCF related questions or any general framing help. Just give us a call at 706-210-0730 or visit our webstore at

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