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Subscription FAQ

What is different about PreeVu when compared to other sales software?
PreeVu is not just a graphical tool like most other sales software; it is a total sales system. As you design PreeVu is scaling, calculating & maintaining wholesale & retail prices for you. Now you can focus on your client experience and not worry about margins, retail prices, etc… PreeVu databases your sales information and stores a copy of your synched information on our servers (at no extra charge) in case you were to ever lose a hard drive.

Is PreeVu online (or web-based) only?
No. PreeVu is a standalone platform that doesn’t require a constant internet connection. It does use the internet to verify subscription status (once per week) and synchronize data between multi-user computers.

Can I use PreeVu on Mac and PC?
Yes. PreeVu is compatible with both Mac and PC. iPads and Android tablets are not able to run PreeVu.

What are the system requirements to run PreeVu?
PC/Windows  Intel Pentium III processor (Pentium 4 recommended) or better
Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or 3, Windows Vista ®, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
2GB Ram
4GB free space on hard drive (plus space for images)
Screen Resolution 1280 Minimum, Adobe Air

Intel Core Duo or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.6, OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Lion & Newer
2GB Ram
4GB free space on hard drive (plus space for images)
Screen Resolution 1280 Minimum, Adobe Air

How much is the software?
PreeVu is a subscription based software. As a subscriber, you are entitled to program/version updates, training and technical support, so you will never have an “old” version of PreeVu. Signup options can be found here.

Can I use PreeVu on multiple computers?
Yes. Your license is valid for up to 3 full use computers.

How do my computers stay synchronized?
PreeVu utilizes the internet to keep your computers synched, so there is no network set-up needed.

Does PreeVu save or database my clients and order history?
Yes. After you create a client, you simply add a new collection under that client for each new session. All collections and orders created from those sessions are archieved in the software for future reference.

What size images do I want to import?
You want to use full size jpegs because you will be able to export these files from your client order cropped, sized and touched up so they are ready for you to send to your lab for processing.

How does the Online Proofing Gallery work?
You can designate images, frame projects and home views to post on the Online Proofer. You can assign a user name and password so your client can log in. Your client can view a slide show, compare images and add items to their cart and submit to you for a quote.

Do I need to crop my images before I import them into PreeVu?
No. There is a cropping tool in PreeVu so you can prep images for the slideshow if you want. However, you do not need to crop images to sell them. You will apply your crop in the print builder or when creating a framed project.

Can I connect to Photoshop to touch up my images in PreeVu?
Yes, you can decide which editing software you want to use inside PreeVu to touch up your images so they are ready for the lab. Remember, your images will be automatically cropped by PreeVu when sell a print or a framed print, so you will not need to do any additional cropping. Retoiuching can be done globally or on a per image basis.

Do I need to set up all the frame pricing?
No. PreeVu knows the wholesale cost of the frame vendors in the software. All you have to do is set the global markup so the client invoice shows the correct retail price. We do recommend setting up pricing for your own frame vendor when those products that are added.

Do I need to set up my print prices?
Yes. Print prices vary by photographer, so PreeVu allows you to customize your print pricing to include optional pricing such as gallery wraps, paper types, mount types, etc.

Can I use PreeVu with a projector or TV?
Yes. Using the multi-view function gives your client a clean view without any obtrusive tool bars or controls. You can also show actual size projects on the client’s view.

Can I create wall art such as Gallery Wraps or Standout Mounts?
Yes. You can create, show and sell frameless works easily. You can also apply the applicable pricing so your client invoice is correct.

Can I create my own matted layouts?
Yes. To assist you PreeVu knows the frame vendor’s wholesale pricing, so it will calculate the price on your custom designs in the frame builder.

Can I show frames from other vendors in PreeVu?
Yes. You can import frames, layouts and mat colors from your vendor into PreeVu. You will also assign your vendor’s wholesale pricing so PreeVu can calculate the project retail price correctly for you.

Can I import my client’s room into the HomeView builder?
Yes. You will import and scale the room so you can show framed projects and wall art in their actual size relative to the room size. If you can’t obtain an image of your client’s room, PreeVu comes pre-loaded with dozens of stock rooms. Or you can choose an empty room with a custom wall color.

Do I need to have a picture of my client’s room to use the Home View builder?
No. PreeVu comes with several dozen pre-installed Home View Rooms and blank colored walls.

Can I export frame projects or home views to email to my client?
Yes. It’s easy to export images of frames or home views for use in marketing; email to your client or post on your blog, website or Facebook.

Can I order my frames directly through PreeVu?
Yes. There are 4 integrated frame vendors in PreeVu – Organic Bloom, The Levin Company, Hand Crafted Framing and GNP Frame. Once you create a client order, those frames can be ordered directly through PreeVu from the specific vendor.

Can I export my prints to send up to my lab?
Yes. Once your client order is created, you can export full res images to send to your lab for processing. Remember, PreeVu crops them, and if you use the simple touch-up function, these images will be completely ready for processing at your lab or ready for you to print in-house.

Can I add my own frame vendors to PreeVu?
Yes. You can add in traditional stick and mat frame vendors. You can also add in “artistic” frame vendors too. Some may even already have files prepared for importing. Best of all you can also price their products in PreeVu too so you can enjoy many of the same powerful pricing and design tools.

Can I run Credit Cards through PreeVu?
Yes. PreeVu uses to process credit card transactions directly in the software.

Can I run Reports in PreeVu?
Yes. At this time you can run Reports for Sales Tax, Session Sales Averages, P&L, Cash In Report and Employee Sales/Commissions. We will be releasing more Reports soon.

How do I order my prints when I use PreeVu?
You have a choice. If you use the Integrated Print Vendor (Parfait Printing) you can submit your print order to them directly through PreeVu just like a frame order. If you use another lab you can export your image files from the Client Order and send them up to your lab as per your usual operating procedure.

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