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Designing with Hand Crafted Framing

It’s simple to design with Hand Crafted Framing and PreeVu.  The timeless classics of HCF allow you to design high quality, custom framed wall concepts to accent any home.  Utilizing the wide variety of mouldings, 80 mat color choices and multiple layout and size choices, you can design wall ideas and create memories your clients will love and appreciate for years to come!

Buffet Table Cropped

This design above a buffet table features the R1560-45 moulding, with the PG4 P308 layout and a bottom matte of Doe Skin color and a top matte in Adobe color. It’s outer dimensions are 28×20 with 2-5×7 prints and 1-8×10 print.

Here is a short video with a design idea to assist you in creating wall art with Hand Crafted Framing…

S t a y   i n   T o u c h