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Building Creative Wall Designs With Organic Bloom

We’ve created more design options for you with PreeVu and the Organic Bloom frame builder.  Try your hand at creating wall concepts for your clients with Organic Bloom and its artistically unique color and design choices!

The design on the left is a single frame in the “Cary Grant” style in the Root Beer color. The design on the right highlights a double frame in the center with the “Lucy” design in Metallic Taupe color bordered by Parchment with 2 single styles in the “Lucy” flanked on each side in the Parchment color.

Depending on your client’s needs, wants and style preference, The Organic Bloom and PreeVu makes it fun to create designs to suit their needs.

Here’s another short video to assist you in designing wall art with Organic Bloom!

 See below for a more detailed tutorial explaining how to utilize the Organic Bloom frame builder in PreeVu…

S t a y   i n   T o u c h